Fanatah Java Training Academy In Zimbabwe

Fanatah is a software engineering and java training academy that teaches new and experienced programmers how to code and how to certify and become internationally recognized as java programmers with oracle. This is an international certification that proves to employers around the world that one is well capable of tackling programming tasks that may be assigned to them by their employer. The course duration is a minimum of 2 months and a maximum of 4 months at very reasonable fees. Contact us today and begin your coding experience as well as get that extra edge on your IT qualification via this powerful and most prestigious IT certification.

  • Java SE 7 Programmer 2

    This is the second and last Java SE 7 Programmer and Professional level and it covers the following exam topics :

    1. Java class design

    2. Advanced class design

    3. Object Oriented Design … more

  • Java SE 7 -OCA Programmer level 1

    This is the first level of java SE 7 certification and it covers the following topics :

    1. Java basics

    2. Working with java data types

    3. Using operators and decision constructs

    4. Creating and … more

  • Why Java.??

    Java is both a programming language and a platform.High level languages such as Java are used to carry out complex tasks such as developing business,web and mobile applications, such as games(Java is … more

  • A brief history of Java

    Java was created by a man called James Gosling and was originally owned by Sun Microsystems which was then bought and merged into Oracle.

    Java poses its focus on objects and is therefore an Object … more

  • What is java.??

    Java is a fourth generation computer programming language which allows for more natural or human instructions to be written for the compiler( translator ).The basic difference between 1st,2nd,3rd & … more

  • High level Programming languages

    High level programming languages such as Java,C#,Lisp,Delph,Logo,Python,Pearl,Ruby,PHP,JavaScript etc, provide strong abstraction capabilities and use more natural language elements.They are easier … more

  • What is computer programming?

    A computer program is a set of instructions given to a computer to carry out in order to achieve a given objective. A programmer's job is to write those instructions.The lost of instructions written … more

  • Low level Programming Languages

    We have high level and low level programming languages.Low level programming languages include C,C++,Fortran,Pascal,Flexigen etc and these provide very little abstraction from machine language … more

  • The Microprocessor & programming

    Your computer successfully creates an illusion that it contains documents,pictures,music,videos etc but all it contains is just bits(binary instructions of how to represent the data on the machine … more

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